Why I Tri – Sara

With only 4 days until the Tri For A Cure and only 2 days left to fundraise for the Maine Cancer Foundation……here is WHY:

For my friend, Sara….

At 38 years old, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 😦 Here is her story and her message:

I was diagnosed, with what would turn out to be, Stage 3a, locally advanced, invasive ductal carcinoma weeks before Christmas of 2012. I had gone to see my primary doctor believing I had mono because I was sleeping 16+ hrs per day. I just could not stay awake. I was referred to an Endocrinologist and after seven months I was told it was his opinion/ recommendation I see a psychologist as it was “normal for woman my age to go through times of depression which can manifest itself as fatigue”. I knew he was wrong and went back to my primary doctor that afternoon to insist that she look at my swollen lymph node in my armpit, and backtrack what was wrong with me from there. The doctors knew I had a swollen lymph node months ago but dismissed it as nothing, telling me “you are too young for breast cancer (38 at the time) and breast cancer doesn’t hurt”.

After I received my pathology report I made an appointment up at the Mayo Clinic in MN to get a second opinion. There they told me my fatigue was due to my advanced stage of cancer and my body had begun shutting down unnecessary functions.

Getting a second opinion saved my life. The Mayo Clinic set a very aggressive treatment plan. In that first 18 months I had 30 rounds of chemo, 25 radiation therapies and 3 major surgeries. Over the following 2 1/2 years I had 3 more surgeries to help put me back together again as well 2 more to increase my chance of remaining in remission.

And so far, so good.

I just celebrated 4 years in remission last month.

What did I learn in Cancerland? This: You MUST get a second opinion, it just might be what saves your life. You MUST be your own advocate: keep the conversation going with your doctors, they only know what you tell them. And finally, women are not dying because they are not aware of breast cancer, they are dying because there is no cure.

I have a Dad and Mom, and my two brothers who along with my husband and my two children are forever grateful for all the past and current research which went into finding a cure for my cancer. Let’s keep investing for a cure to save future lives. It might save someone you love.

Thank you : )

Sara DeYoung Cancer Killer since 2012

I will be participating in the Tri For A Cure in honor of Sara this year 🙂  Please support The Maine Cancer Foundation to help them continue their research, education and services.

If you would like to help support this cause and my fundraising effort, you can do it right online at: https://mainecancer.donordrive.com/participant/MauraMalia2.  Every dollar counts and is so very much appreciated!

For more information about the Tri For A Cure, here is their web page: http://triforacure.org/.

For more information about The Maine Cancer Foundations, here is their web page: https://mainecancer.org/.


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