WHY I TRI – Becki :)

IMG_0711.jpgWHY I TRI

Why am I participating in the Tri For A Cure and raising money for the Maine Cancer Foundation?

For my cousin, Becki….

At 40 years old, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 😦

She went in for an unrelated visit with her doctor.  During that visit, her first routine mammogram was set up.  Pretty routine, right?  No big deal, right?  She got called back for another one.  It’s common to be called back after a first time mammogram.  Still not really a big deal, right? Kind of? Then she got called back for a biopsy, and then another one.  Okay…this is a big deal.  After the 3rd biopsy, she got the news….breast cancer.  Wow…okay, this is now very real!

Becki had a double mastectomy and multiple subsequent surgeries.  The surgeries were a success and she thankfully did not need chemotherapy or radiation.  They had caught things early enough that the cancer had not spread beyond the breast tissue.

Her surgeries were not easy.  Her driving force was her children…4 boys.  She needed to survive.  She needed to be there for them.  There was no other option.  She did everything she could to keep life as “normal” as possible for them.  It was very rough going, especially when they found out her husband had carcinoid cancer of the liver.

Today, she is cancer free. Her husband is still battling his cancer and unfortunately, his prognosis is not as positive as Becki’s.  I am so inspired and amazed by Becki’s strength.  She never gives up.  She lives for her family and determined to stay healthy and positive for them.  If it weren’t for her receiving her first mammogram at 40 years old, her story would be very different.  She is a advocate for women’s health screening.  It truly does save lives!

I will be participating in the Tri For A Cure in honor of Becki this year 🙂  Please support The Maine Cancer Foundation to help them continue their research, education and services.

If you would like to help support this cause and my fundraising effort, you can do it right online at: https://mainecancer.donordrive.com/participant/MauraMalia2.  Every dollar counts and is so very much appreciated!

For more information about the Tri For A Cure, here is their web page: http://triforacure.org/.

For more information about The Maine Cancer Foundations, here is their web page: https://mainecancer.org/.


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